"In the wake of destruction, the seeds of creation are sown."
̶c̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶g̶p̶t̶ RYR


"I needed a voice that is silent on the outside and screaming on the inside. That is the reason why i became an artist."


Geometric Patterns in Synchronous Order. That is a sentence repeated in one of Astrix iconic Techno tracks. Its the perfect description for my Maze paintings. When you look at the painting for the very first time you will have a difficult time to decypher the lineal Typography. Yes there is Typo. Once you are able you can´t unsee it anymore. The effect is the perfect analogy for the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto.
100x100cm, Acrylic paint on heavy handcrafted paper made from shredded FIAT banknotes.


10.000 black dots. Stay close to the painting and you wont see what is happening. Walk away, let your brain collect more information and start recognizing the moment. The moment is 2008 when panic hit the boilerrooms.
80x80 cm, Acrylic paint, burnt FIAT banknotes pigments. Custom wooden burnt frame stuffed with shredded FIAT banknotes (€ and $)


I made concrete Grenades stuffed with shredded FIAT banknotes because i had this vision in my head that the conservative banking world used their arsenal of FIAT weapons for their survival fight. Being concrete makes them seem fossilized, like artifacts from the future.


After the Bankgrenades i released another concrete weapon from the FIAT wars. The narrative stays the same. They used their whole arsenal and lost in the end. The only piece i exhibited so far got stolen at the Bitcoin Conference. Its kind of a strange twist in the narrative.
White concrete, eroded metal, shredded FIAT banknotes. 1:1 size of a DESERT EAGLE


Handcasted, polished and made with +1000°C molten Lincoln Cents. Dont be mistaken it is not a weapon is a symbol of analog resistance. I also made versions with British Pennies and HongKong Dollar coins.
Each one is a Piece Unique. Price on request.


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"Money is just a story. Its been told too many times.

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